isabelle Proust


Interested in photography since an early age, I started my art career exploring the human expressions of angst in large format of B&W prints reworked with different materials… I extended this search investigating the technique of buon fresco.

Self taught in that discipline I worked my way in through trial and error and some luck; “butchering” the proper way of doing frescoes, i am forcing this ancient form of art in a more contemporary style.

Layering and distressing the texture are part of keeping the effect of time that passes, the feel of dreamlike longing.

The figure, very present in my work is only a way of connecting the human being and the feel of that lost state of bliss…the stage of what seems an infinite wait… the moment before… my own quest of the Holy Grail in a sort.

In 2006, I started engraving mainly doing dry point mono-print and I am now at a turning point of merging these two techniques