New Series:

 ink painting on rice paper and fabric....

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Open Studio

MARCH 16-17-18 2018

3-7 PM

855 NE 76 ST

MIAMI - 33138

Monotypes on Plaster of Paris
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Dry Point Mono Print
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A twist to the dry point engraving technique by taking a mono print approach while applying inks on the etched plate.

Each print is unique and original.

Buon Fresco
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The Buon Fresco is one of the most durable form of painting. The stucco is made of a lime-plaster mix with sand (or finer charge like marble powder) It is applied on prepared panels.

The colors are from pure powder pigments brushed in the still damp material.

By diverting the method isabelle Proust offers a contemporary approach to this very ancient technique...

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